Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Vancouver - Take 2

My second week in Vancouver is over and I have not had any shifts since December 19th so nothing much to report on my volunteer duties. 

I took the time to drive up to Whistler on Sunday (December 27th) to meet up with a couple who emigrated from the UK just over two years ago and who both work in Whistler.

The new Sea to Sky Highway is a vast improvement . It only took 90 minutes from Vancouver to Whistler.  If you are out here take the drive it is well worth it. 

Sunday was a fantastic day, weather wise, and the views on the drive were spectacular as you can see from the picture.  Quite a few tourists are avoiding Whistler this year - guess why?. 

There are major signs indicating the main venues but most of the Olympic signage for the village has yet to be put up.  During the Olympics, cars will not be allowed on the Sea to Sky Highway from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. unless you are a "local".  There will be buses to get Vancouver residents to the Whistler events but the Whistler residents are not being provided with buses to get them to the events in Vancouver.  They are not happy!

While in Whistler, I dropped by the Van 2010 ticket booth to see what tickets might have become available.  Surprise, surprise, they had just got some very good Opening Ceremony tickets (returned from some international allocation).  I took the bait and got some.  So now if my volunteer duties change regarding the Opening Ceremonies I will go.  If I work, I may have some to sell!!

My shifts start-up again tonight and then things get into a high gear after Jan 1st.
It appears that the cast support volunteers are doing well ( I'm not sure if that includes yours truly) so they do not need as many volunteers on each shift.

I will have quite a few shifts from January 2nd until I head back to Ottawa on January 11th.  Once I get back to Vancouver (January 18th), the shifts will be in BC Stadium and since we cannot get out during the shifts, we'll get fed.

Best wishes for 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Vancouver - Take 1

First week completed and they have not fired me yet!

I was lucky on the flight out - got upgraded to business class which was a nice bonus.

My first shift as a "Ceremonies Volunteer" was Wednesday (December 16) and one of the coordinators had Graham nailed in 10 minutes! - He is going to be trouble!  Did any anyone from Ottawa warn them in advance?

Once again we were told to keep things confidential and they even warn against blogging.  I checked and as long as all is very general it is OK.

My first week involved three shifts - all at the "Compound" across from BC Stadium.  At present the major functions are to ensure all performers for the session get checked-in, they get what they need, and all items are collected at the end.  The rest of the shift involves running around for the rehearsal and getting ready for the next practice session.

All is very well organized and gradually one is getting an idea of how the ceremonies are coming together.  From what I have seen they have some unique concepts.  Should be a great Opening Ceremony - in spite of Graham!

Until mid-January, all shifts will be at the Compound and then we move into BC Stadium with every shift "locked-down".  They are not joking about confidentiality and security.

The practice sessions appear to be going well as they have cancelled some sessions for the coming week.  I think they are taking it easy with the holidays fast approaching.  My next shift is December 29th.

Stay tuned for "Vancouver - Take 2" and enjoy the holidays.