Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vancouver - Take 7

Getting ever closer!

Even though more roads will close at the end of this week, as I drove into Vancouver to move into the apartment and to return the rental car, it was obvious that traffic in certain areas was already quite congested, and this was at mid-day.  A major arterial into downtown, the one that goes by BC Stadium and Canada Hockey Place, will close on Friday.  This will add more headaches for those trying to drive downtown.  Many roads will have Olympic only lanes so at least official vehicles should be OK and, hopefully, they can get all the athletes to their venues on time.  Certainly by foot or by public transit (TransLink) will be the way to go for all the spectators and visitors.

On the local news last night, they announced good news from TransLink.  During the Olympics, the wait for the SkyTrain should only be about an hour!  Clearly it will be necessary to allow a lot of time to get to the venue and, once there, to clear security.  Traveling maybe something of an adventure but I trust all goes as smoothly as possible.

My volunteering for the Ceremonies is getting into high gear.  On Sunday (January 31st), many groups who have been rehearsing separately came together.  This gave a real chance to appreciate what can be anticipated for the cultural part of the Opening Ceremonies.  Trying to coordinate a very large group of performers is extremely challenging but very interesting.  The more I see what is involved in planning such a large event the more I am impressed by the entire production team.  My only previous experience was when Canada hosted the 1995 International Mathematical Olympiad.  As you can imagine, the  difference is night and day!

On Wednesday, I will repeat as a VIP stand-in for the protocol rehearsals.  There is a possibility I may be asked to perform this role at the dress rehearsals - with large audiences.  Do those in charge realize the risks involved?

Stay tuned for more details!

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