Friday, January 15, 2010

Ottawa - Take 4

I made it back to Ottawa and, as I managed to get upgraded to business class, it was a very pleasant flight.  Thanks to all those looking after my house - all was great except for some white stuff all around.  For my week in Ottawa the weather was kind - nothing too cold and hardly any snow.  The cold weather should hold off and no major storms appear to be in the forecast before I fly back to Vancouver on Monday evening.

I am now fully accredited (do the realize what they have done!) and I got fitted out with the uniform.  I am not sure who they used for sizing but, for some parts of the uniform, I needed the small size.  I feel sorry for the truly "small" volunteers. I have to start wearing the uniform in February and since the uniform is quite bright, all those volunteering will be hard to miss.  There may be a picture in a future blog!

With nine shifts completed (almost 50 hours), I think I will have done close to 200 hours when everything is finished.  All of the ceremonies volunteers have now completed several shifts so the main coordinators have an idea of where each person would be most useful.  Yes, believe it or not they still think that applies to Graham!  In fact, they have suggested two responsibilities for Graham and both could be very interesting.  Both involve me using a radio and needing to speak quietly - don't you think this is one of my talents!

I am getting an idea of what shifts I will have to do before the Opening Ceremony and during the olympics.  Fortunately, I should be able to work my shifts around the events for which I have tickets.  I expect to be working at both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies and I doubt I will get a chance to see much.  I am am sure, however, I will hear everything.  The roles they have in mind should give me an excellent opportunity to experience the ceremonies from a unique perspective.

Look out Vancouver, trouble is headed back!

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