Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vancouver - Take 5

For the flight to Vancouver on Monday, I lucked out and got upgraded again.  For the evening flight, which includes dinner, wine etc., it is a good one for an upgrade.

While in lounge in Ottawa, I exercised my brain and solved the Post's Sudoku puzzle - yes in 10 minutes!.  Adjacent to the Sudoku was the horoscope section so I decided to read what the fates had in store for this Olympic traveller as he headed to Vancouver for his six weeks of volunteering and seeing some events.

"For the next six weeks, the Sun is at high noon in your chart acting like a spotlight, calling attention to you.  Bosses, parents, teachers, and VIP's not only notice you, but they think you're exceptionally capable.  The police will notice you too."   (National Post - January 18, 2010)

While certainly accurate about my capabilities, I am not sure what I am going to do to get the attention of the police.  Several out here have ideas!  The former Osprey Captain expected that the Opening Ceremonies would be cancelled by now.  In addition to his numerous other talents, perhaps he can see into the future as well!

On Wednesday evening I received my BC Stadium Induction, so I am now cleared to volunteer there.  Even though a great deal has already been done, with only 23 days to go, it looks like they will be working around the clock to get everything ready.  As we left the stadium at 11 p.m., the night crew was getting started.

I now have a few days clear before my shifts start again on Sunday. I had better take this time to relax as I will likely be working almost every day from Sunday thru to the Opening on February 12. For the Opening Ceremony and, possibly, for the Closing as well, the main role they have in mind for me is linked to the Athlete Marshals.  It would involve coordinating this group and a good chance to experience this part of the Opening from ground level. 

They have some other roles in mind but nothing definite as yet.  One would require me to stand quietly for some time.  I am sure some of my golf partners would appreciate Graham developing this skill.

As an Opening Ceremonies volunteer, I will get some free tickets to the two main dress rehearsals.  I have to work at both rehearsals, so some lucky friends will get a first chance to see what is in store.

If it works out with the weather and my shifts, I will go to Whistler next week and see how these preparations are going.

Stay tuned for Take 6 and maybe more pictures!

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