Thursday, January 7, 2010

Vancouver - Take 3

WOW - My first month in Vancouver is almost at an end.  Time flies when you are having fun!

Seven shifts completed and things are picking up with Opening Day fast approaching.  The rehearsals move to BC Stadium next week and I have to complete an "induction" to be cleared to work there.  I'll do my induction on January 20, just after I get back from Ottawa and before I start working at the Stadium. Once the rehearsals are in BC Stadium, all the performers have to wear radios and head phones.  So, even though they are still practicing in a large tent across the street from the Stadium, to get them used to the system, the routine now includes distributing communication devices.

I receive my uniform and accreditation tonight.  Come mid-January the accreditation will allow for free transit on the SkyTrain, buses, etc.  For those with tickets to an event, the ticket will also allow for free transit within Vancouver on the event day.

Vancouver is starting to feel more like an Olympic city - increased signage, road closures, security fences being installed, and more and more event buildings going up.  January 22 marks the beginning of the Cultural Olympics so not long now before things start in earnest.

One of the friends I am staying with, and I use the term loosely, has a rye sense of humor and had one of the chief coordinators very worried.  They phoned last Saturday and wanted to talk to me to confirm a time.  She was shocked when told there was some very unfortunate news  about Graham.   The news was that "Graham had gone mad and they needed to get rid of him!"  When she realized GPW was really OK, my reputation as being "trouble" became even more cemented.

On the non-Olympic front, to keep in shape for the start of the golf season in Ottawa (probably four months away), I signed-up at a local community centre.  It is close by, very reasonable and with a good gym and swimming pool.  I usually go each morning and feel really at home with all the other seniors! 

As I will be gone for week, I have shifts on Friday, Saturday and Sunday before I fly back to Ottawa on Monday.  I'll be in Ottawa from January 11 - 18, and hopefully I will be able to connect with some of you while I am back home.

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